Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry

Vivid Diamonds was formed by Arthur Samuels and Alon Ruschin, two diamond and jewelry wholesalers with very diverse backgrounds. Art a top Gemologist and Estate Buyer and Alon a South African Diamond Wholesaler with experience turning rough diamonds into polished gems, merged their strengths and experience to from one of the most dynamic companies in the industry. Their combined knowledge of every facet of this diverse industry enables Vivid Diamonds to offer some of the most unique gems and jewelry, one of a kind pieces, a spectacular array of white and natural fancy color diamonds, and a mélange of rare and exciting rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

inspecting jewelry at Vivid Diamonds
diamond necklace from Vivid Diamonds

Today Vivid Diamonds is world renowned for our unparalleled collection of world class gems, quality craftsmanship and above all, our integrity and compassion for our clients. Some of our vast collection can be viewed in our Miami offices, on our website or in the stores of some of our client’s around the world.

We owe the success of our business to our loyal clients, who put their trust in us. That trust is a responsibility that we cherish. New and old relationships are extremely important to us and we endeavor to always take care of our clients and ensure that they are ecstatic.