Chien's Collection

 With a legacy spanning over four decades in Asia, Chien’s Collection's story begins with the visionary founder, Ms. Hsu Hsiao Chien. Chien was drawn by the allure of exceptional vintage & contemporary jewels and color Gemstones. For four decades she managed the family jewelry business in Taiwan. Chien used her extensive expertise and interpersonal skills to establish a global network for procuring exceptional jewelry and color stones for Asian market.

 In 2019, Ms. Hsu Hsiao Chien chose to crystallize her journey and establish Chien’s Collection, her personal collection of exceptional jewels offered to the Asian market. Drawing on her decades of knowledge, aesthetic sensibilities, and genuine love for color stones and color diamonds Chien was able to fulfill her dream.

Chien's Collection office
Chien's Collection office
Chien's Collection jewelry collection

At the heart of Chien’s Collection is Ms. Chien’s connection with nature's finest marvels – color gemstones. Each gem captures moments of passion for Chien. She uses these strong emotions, inspired by the vibrant hues and colors to create her masterpieces in her jewels. Chien’s philosophy is that gems reflect not just our external beauty, but also our innermost thoughts– speaking to our unique tastes and aspirations.

Selecting the perfect centerpiece gemstone is a dance between intuition and craftsmanship. The choice of the finest gems ensures that the value of each masterpiece will endure for generations to come. Chien’s Collection stands to be a guardian of these timeless treasures. We believe in using nature's artistry to intertwine our spirit with nature and create jewels that resonate through the ages.