Ernst Faerber

Founded in Munich in 1692, Ernst Faerber is a family business that has a long-standing history in gem, diamond, and pearl trading. The company is currently owned by Dominik Biehler since 1992, who represents the 11th generation in this trade. The company's roots can be traced back to 1692 when Biehler's ancestors established Carl Weishaupt as the Bavarian Court Jeweler, Silversmith, and Pearl merchant. Ever since, the family has been involved in silver making and the trading of gems, diamonds, and pearls.

vintage brooch from Ernst Faerber
vintage gold and amethyst brooch from Ernst Faerber
vintage gold and amethyst ring from Ernst Faerber

Over time, the company gained international recognition. For generations, it has stood for its commitment to delivering select quality products, upholding sustainable values, and demonstrating a passion for exquisite treasures including pearls, old mine diamonds, unique gemstones, as well as well-crafted signed and antique jewelry.