Our Expertise

At The Jewelers Circle, we celebrate the beauty of the past and the brilliance of the present. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest heritage and rarity collections, paired with the highest level of expertise and service. Our experts, who have inherited a passion for vintage jewelry, are dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise with our valued customers.

We understand that purchasing a piece of jewelry is an investment, which is why we have partnered with the prestigious International Antique Jewelers Association (IAJA) Expertise, a testimony to our commitment to excellence. It ensures that every piece we sell is carefully vetted by a team of experts.

 The experts of IAJA Expertise have a deep understanding of the history and evolution of jewelry design and craftsmanship. The members have years of experience and specialized knowledge in areas such as gemology, jewelry design, and above all antique jewelry.

Olivier Bachet inspecting a piece of jewelry
Olivier Bachet inspecting jewelry
IAJA expert Angela inspects jewelry

Verification Process

At The Jewelers Circle, we take the verification of our pieces very seriously. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail is evident at every step of the process. Our goal is to make sure that our customers receive a piece that is genuine, unique, and imbued with the history and artistry of generations.

Once a purchase is made, the piece is carefully sent to our offices for a double verification. Our team checks every aspect of the piece, ensuring that it meets our exacting standards of conformity in terms of description and period.

The IAJA Expertise is more than just a stamp of approval, it is a testimony of its unicity and genuineness. The assessment is based on scrupulous research and careful examination, ensuring that every piece we sell meets our high standards. Only after the comprehensive process is complete, will we send the piece to its new owner.

Our partnership with the IAJA Expertise allows us to offer a unique service to our customers. For every piece purchased from The Jewelers Circle, if the piece is deemed to be genuine and conforms to its description, we take pride in offering a unique IAJA Expertise Letter created by one of the esteemed IAJA experts. This document provides valuable information including a description, date range and era, named designer and provenance. If you desire, we can also arrange for a more detailed and formal letter.

About IAJA

Elevating Rarity & Value

The International Antique Jewelers Association (IAJA) is a global community of passionate antique and period jewelers and experts who are committed to protecting the legacy of antique jewelry for future generations. With a deep commitment to expertise, research, and advocacy, the IAJA is a trusted authority in the world of antique jewelry.

At the heart of the IAJA's mission is a deep commitment to ethical behavior and the highest standards of integrity. They believe that antique jewelry is a unique and irreplaceable treasure that deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect, and they work tirelessly to safeguard its integrity.

Through their education and passion, the IAJA seeks to elevate the understanding and appreciation of antique jewelry among collectors, dealers, and the wider public. They believe that each piece has a unique story to tell, and they are dedicated to helping others understand and appreciate the beauty and artistry of these timeless treasures. Their dedication to preserving the legacy and artistry of antique jewelry is unparalleled, and we are honored to partner with this esteemed group of professionals who lend their expertise and knowledge to ensure that every piece we sell is authentic and of the highest quality.