A leader in diamonds and rare gemstones with four generations of history, Dehres is an iconic and internationally acclaimed jeweler offering some of the world’s most opulent and astounding pieces.


“Experience, Expertise and Exquisite Collections”


With a globally recognized hallmark of excellence, Dehres is at the forefront of sourcing rare diamonds and precious gemstones such as fancy colored diamonds – pink, blue, red, green and yellow diamonds, or non-oiled emeralds, as well as being experts in high-jewelry craftsmanship. Dehres’ extraordinary offerings, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the most impeccable stones, is the reason why Dehres’ legacy and Client relationships are deeply-rooted.

Diamond and Ruby Necklace & Earring Set from Dehres
Rings from Dehres
Emerald Necklace from Dehres

“Crafting bespoke, modern heirlooms. Direct to you from the source” 

From the moment Dehres acquires the lustrous stones, every consideration is taken to ensure the heirlooms stand the test of time. The Dehres team work with their award-winning designers to create alluring jewellery, but also pose as capital preservations that last for generations to come.

 “Making the world brighter, one jewel at a time” - Ephraim Zion 

Dehres is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a global presence with offices also located in Bangkok and Shanghai.