G Torroni

G. Torroni S.A. was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985. Giuseppe Torroni, the founder of the company, began his career in the jewelry trade at the age of thirteen. He left Rome, the city of his birth, to attend the Scuola Orafa in Valencia Pô.  Rome is also where, on his mother’s side, the family had owned and operated a fine jewelry shop.  Located on the famous Piazza di Spagna since 1884, they counted the Italian royal family as clients. Graduate Orfèvrerie diploma in hand, in 1963 Giuseppe moved to Paris. Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s he advanced his knowledge of colored stones, often traveling to the Far East, Bangkok, and Sri Lanka. By the time he arrived in Geneva in the mid 1980’s to open his office he was recognized by his peers as one of the world’s foremost experts in rubies and sapphires.

vintage elephant brooch from G Torroni
vintage gold and diamond necklace and earring set from G Torroni
vintage coral necklace from G Torroni

Virginie Torroni joined her father in Geneva in 1998. Together, they have an international reputation as leading authorities on precious colored gemstones, diamonds, natural pearls, and antique jewelry. Both Giuseppe and his daughter share a passionate interest in micromosaics. Often associated with “the Grand Tour” of the 19th century, many antique examples depict monuments and scenic ideals of Italy.  In 2017, Virginie, her cousin and a gifted artist from Rome created VAMGARD. This collaboration produces extraordinary modern micromosaics at the rate of a few labor intensive pieces per year. The beginning of 2020 heralded yet another venture; the acquisition of René Boivin. Thomas and Oliver Levene-Torroni, Virginie’s sons, will be busy organizing the extensive archive. In the business as of 2020, they join the 6th  generation of this highly respected jewelry family.