Spicer Warin

Spicer Warin’s profile in the international market is based upon founder-director Richard Spicer’s decades of experience, global connections, and restless determination to acquire fine jewellery and stones exclusively of the most superior quality and provenance.

Creations of the most sophisticated and delicate beauty transport us out of the everyday and into a place of mystery, contemplation, and even enchantment. In our encounters with them – as we take our place in their histories and they in ours – we are transformed. Beyond time: in their continued and beautiful vitality, each Spicer Warin piece is a part of the living present, each part of a developing story that unfurls anew each time it is worn.

model with jewelry for Spicer Warin
model with jewelry and flowers for Spicer Warin
close up of model with jewelry and flowers for Spicer Warin

True beauty is found as much by touch as by sight – and always by heart. Pieces that spring from true inspiration and the most exquisite craft occasion in us unmistakable emotional experiences and bonds. Our connection with these pieces, and with their history, transcends the material: they invite us to become part of something larger than ourselves. 

Spanning the Victorian, Georgian and Art Deco periods – and beyond – the Spicer Warin collection includes pieces from great historical houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpel's and Boucheron, as well as from less familiar sources. It is eclectic, ever-evolving and marked always by immaculate beauty, provenance and quality, offering the discerning collector admission into a world of the most refined artistry. Wear a piece from Spicer Warin and take your own place in a story of inspired beauty, exacting craftsmanship, and true taste.