Celebrate With Sparkle: How to Wear A Brooch for the Holidays

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952.

With the festive winter holiday party season in full swing, you’ll want to wear jewelry that sparkles like a glass of champagne. For ultimate style accessorize with a diamond brooch. It’s a jewel that’s versatile enough to wear in a number of ways with different outfits. We’ll show you a few tricks for wearing one brooch a few different ways this holiday season and beyond, that go from total glam to classic chic.

A Brooch in the Hair

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952.

For all-out glamour, wear a brooch in your hair; it’s almost like wearing a mini tiara. It’s a look that’s been adopted by celebrities through the years from Jackie Kennedy to Jennifer Lopez. Start by combing your hair back off of your face and pulling a section of it into a high ponytail on top of your head. Add volume to the front of your hair by teasing the ponytail in the back and adding hairspray. Then hold the ponytail in place with a rubber band. Now you’ll need to take your fingers and adjust the ponytail so that the sides fall the way you want them to, you may need to add a little more hair spray. Once you have the ponytail adjusted add the brooch by putting the pin of the clasp in the ponytail and through the rubber band. Close the clasp if possible, or add in some bobby pins to hold it in place. If you want to create this look you may need help from a friend or hair artist, but it’s well worth the effort to look this glam. You can also style your brooch in the same way with an updo or bun. One very important caveat: Once the brooch is in your hair do not use hair spray or other hair products as they can cause damage to the stones or metal.

A Brooch on the Waist

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952.

For a little unexpected sparkle, wear your brooch at the waist. You can place it front and center or wear it on the side. So how do you know whether to wear it on the front or side? Look at the dress or the top you are wearing with a skirt. If the top of your outfit has a V-neckline then wearing your brooch in the center of the waistline is a good option as it creates a flowing line. Center of the waistline is also a good option for a dress, or skirt and top, with a defined waistline.

If you are wearing a dress with a round neck and the dress has no defined waistline, then pin the brooch slightly to the side to create visual interest.

A One Shoulder Dress and a Brooch

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952.

A sophisticated one-shoulder dress, or top, is the perfect backdrop for a brooch. The brooch adds a little festive playfulness to the dress. This is an easy placement. Pin the brooch to your shoulder and see how it lays. If it lays flat you’ve got the correct placement, if it does not lay flat, you’ll need to adjust. It can be tricky to get a brooch placed and then pinned. If you have someone who can help you clasp the brooch that is the ideal situation. If not, get the brooch settled where you want it, then carefully remove your garment with the brooch still on it; then fasten the brooch and put your clothes back on. One thing to consider when you’re wearing a brooch on your shoulder is your hair; If you have long hair, you don’t want your hair to cover the brooch.

A Classic Jacket and a Brooch

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952.

For a classic style, clasp your brooch to the shoulder of a boyfriend blazer. If the blazer has a breast pocket center it above the pocket. If not, center it between the lapel and the sleeve. This is one of the easiest ways to wear a brooch. It’s easy to place and easy to clasp. It’s also bold without being over the top. And it’s great to wear a diamond embellished jacket with leather pants, or over a sequined dress. Leather adds a cool vibe while sequins add a party feeling. Both looks are enhanced by a brooch on the jacket. After all what could be cooler than leather and diamonds?

A Tux and a Brooch

Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Bulgari, circa 1960.

If you want to create some sparkling couples style, add a small diamond brooch to the lapel of a tux jacket. It takes the whole look to another level. You can wear the tux jacket with a brooch and tie, for a very formal affair, or leave the top couple of shirt buttons undone for a more relaxed dressy feel. If there is a button hole on the lapel of the jacket, attach the brooch there for easy placement. For wider lapels that may not have a button hole, you will want to place the brooch higher and centered on the lapel. Otherwise, you’ll have to put on the jacket and decide where the brooch should go and then clasp it. Alternatively, a brooch can be clipped to the breast pocket of a tux, it’s an upscale change from the pocket square that is often used to accessorize a jacket.

The key to wearing a brooch well is to experiment with placement. Be your own stylist and pull out what you plan to wear a couple of days in advance of the event, this way you have time to really figure out how you want to wear your brooch. Place the brooch where you think it will look best. Keep moving it around until you have it exactly where you want it. Be creative and wear your brooch in a way that showcases your own personal style.

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Featured image (top of page) and First – Fourth: Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Harry Winston, circa 1952; Fifth: Diamond and platinum brooch, signed Bulgari, circa 1960.

Authored by Amber Michelle