5 Easy Ways to Wear a Brooch

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

Brooches are one of the coolest pieces of jewelry you can wear. Unobstructed by the need to fit a finger, wrap around a wrist or dangle from ears, a brooch provides the perfect canvas for jewelers to show their art. Popular in the Victorian era and the first half of the 20th century, brooches are making a huge comeback adding a dash of panache to anything you’re wearing. One of the best things about brooches is their versatility, you can wear them in many ways… as many ways as you can imagine. You may also find that you wear your brooch so much that it becomes your signature piece.  We know that putting a brooch on properly can be a tricky business. To make it easier we’re going to show you how to wear one brooch in multiple ways.

On The Neckline

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

So how exactly do you wear a brooch for maximum impact? Placement is of course important and it can be challenging to get a brooch to sit exactly where it needs to be, it takes time and patience to actually get it right.  However, there are a couple of hacks for wearing a brooch that makes it easy to place it correctly every time. To get this perfect placement simply go to the hollow of your throat and attach the brooch directly under it on the neckline of a dress or shirt. It’s an elegant, glamourous way to wear a brooch.

As A Blouse Closure

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

Add some fun to your button down shirt by adding a brooch. The blouse provides the guide to placing the brooch. Button the blouse all the way to the top and then fasten the brooch over the top closure. The brooch adds instant style and sophistication to your outfit and looks particularly nice framed by a collar, but this placement will also work on a collarless blouse. Fastening a brooch can be a delicate procedure; practice using the clasp so you feel comfortable with it. Hint: Sometimes you may have to leave the top button undone in order for the brooch to close correctly, but the blouse will appear buttoned to the top because the brooch will act as the closure, after all brooches were originally made to hold clothes together before buttons were invented.

On A Collar

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

Wearing a brooch on a collar is a modern take, especially when it is worn on an unexpected fabric such as a denim. Be bold and play with your brooch, wear it angled, upside down or any other way that expresses you. Notice that the brooch shown on the jacket collar is  being worn in the opposite way from the other outfits. Why is that? The brooch fits the collar better and looked a little more casual worn upside down, this is a trick that will work with some brooches but not all, depending upon the design of the brooch. To work, the brooch should be an abstract or geometric form.

On A Jacket

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

For a polished look, the same brooch adds drama when worn on the lapel of a black jacket for work. It says, ”I’m ready to rock no matter what comes my way.” Again, you’ll need to play with the placement of the brooch. Put your jacket on and hold the brooch up to the lapel and decide where you like it. If you can fasten the brooch while wearing the jacket that’s the best, but if you need to take off your jacket to fasten the clasp, stick the pin where you want it, remove the jacket and then fasten the brooch. Hint: when the brooch is closed it may not be exactly where you thought it would be because the length of the pin in the clasp may cause the positioning to change, so it may take a try or two to get the brooch exactly where you want it.

On A Suit Blazer

Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

And of course placing a brooch on a  suit blazer lapel is a classic that never goes out of style.  A button hole in the lapel is a good guideline on where to place the brooch. The best way to figure out how you want to wear your brooch is to play around with it when you have time so that you can place it exactly where you want it. While brooches may be a little more work to wear than some other pieces of jewelry, you’ll find that the chic results are well worth the effort.

Featured image (top of page): Diamond, sapphire and gold brooch.

Authored by Amber Michelle