Bring on the Bling


Necklace of 270 pear, oval and baguette diamonds weighing approximately 73.2-carats set in platinum, circa 1970s

Diamond and platinum brooch, circa 1950sEvery day is a good day to sparkle and shine – especially in vintage jewelry. One of the big jewelry trends for this cold weather season and the perfect antidote to the chill, is to wear your most sparkling jewelry any time of day or night. Everyone has their own personal style and how you wear your sparkle is really up to you. The job you have, whether it’s work from home, or in an office, as well as your lifestyle, may impact how much dazzle you want to wear. But there are ways to wear your blingiest bling without looking lit up like Times Square, unless of course, that’s what you want. So what are some of the best ways to wear your sparkling jewels? Here are a few tips to keep you at your glittering best.

Usually when we think of wearing our diamond and precious gem jewelry, we think of pairing it with our going out and getting dressed up clothes. But you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing your favorite sparkle when you’re dressed up. You have options.

Perhaps you have a beautiful diamond necklace that you love, but don’t wear unless you’re dressing up because you feel that it is just a little too much for any other time. The reality is that you can wear that fabulous piece anytime, it’s just a matter of how you style your jewelry.

Denim and Sweaters

Edwardian diamond and platinum bracelet, signed Oscar HeymanInstead of wearing that glittering necklace with a little black dress, try teaming it with a chunky sweater and jeans, the texture of the knit sweater and the casualness of the jeans will ground the sparkle making it look right for daytime. You could also opt for an oversized bracelet or big chandelier earrings and the look will still be right for daytime. Since the earrings are in your ears and the bracelet is around your wrist, there is enough distance between the two jewels to keep you looking polished and sophisticated, but not over the top. However, if you want to be over the top (we can never have too much sparkle) add a necklace and a big cocktail ring to the earrings and bracelet. This is particularly fun if you’re heading out for a weekend brunch.

Going to the Office

Edwardian rose cut diamond and platinum topped gold brooch.Perhaps you work in an office and you want to wear your sparkle, but you want to stay a bit muted. In that case, choose one statement piece. A chic vintage brooch pinned to the neckline of a dress is subtle and elegant. If you’re wearing a blouse, choose a short necklace and let part of it show by wearing it inside the blouse with the first two or three buttons opened so just a segment of the necklace shows.  A single diamond bracelet or bangle is also subdued enough for workplace wear, especially when it peeks out of a blouse or jacket sleeve. It may be that you work someplace where anything goes, in which case feel free to wear as much or as little sparkling jewelry as you like.

The Minimalist

Colored diamond and 18-karat gold chandelier earringsMaybe you’re into the 90s minimalism and slip dresses that have been such a big part of the recent fashion story. You can still wear your favorite sparkly jewels in the daytime. There are two ways to go with your jewelry in this situation. You can either opt for small pieces such as a diamond solitaire necklace and earrings with some stacking rings, for sweet and dainty sparkle. Or you can choose to wear one large, statement making piece, it’s both minimal and dramatic at the same time.

Goth Glam

Colombian emerald (9.64-carats), diamond and platinum ring, signed Bulgari, circa 1960s;If you’re into the all black goth/punk styles that were on the runway you’re already making a statement. It’s a very urban chic look that gets a pop of light from sparkling jewels. In this case you may want to layer in your sparkle with some other pieces that you are wearing at the same time. Wearing a stack of silver or gold bangles? Add in a diamond bracelet. If  you have lots of piercings in your ears, wear sparkle in your main piercings. Layer a diamond necklace in with your other neckwear to add in more texture and shine. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress with ripped fishnets and combat boots, consider pinning the brooch to your waistline for totally cool shimmer.

The possibilities for wearing your blingiest bling during the day are endless. Be daring and wear your jewelry in ways that break the rules and create your own individual style.

Featured image (top of page): Necklace of 270 pear, oval and baguette diamonds weighing approximately 73.2-carats set in platinum, circa 1970s; First: Diamond and platinum brooch, circa 1950s; Second: Edwardian diamond and platinum bracelet, signed Oscar Heyman; Third: Edwardian rose cut diamond and platinum topped gold brooch; Fourth: Colored diamond and 18-karat gold chandelier earrings; Fifth: Colombian emerald (9.64-carats), diamond and platinum ring, signed Bulgari, circa 1960s.

Authored by Amber Michelle