Alon Ruschin: An Eye For Beauty


Alon Ruschin


Sapphire, diamond and 18-karat white gold earrings, by Vivid Diamonds

When Alon Ruschin graduated from high school in Johannesburg, South Africa, like many others at that age, he was struggling with the question of ‘what will I do for the rest of my life?' At the time, Ruschin’s stepmother worked for a South African Diamond wholesale company, she offered to show him around the Johannesburg Diamond Center and introduce him to industry professionals. On a tour of South Africa’s primary diamond grading facility, Ruschin, now CEO of Vivid Diamonds Inc, recalls the feeling of knowing, this is the industry for me.

Soon after he was hired by Magnum Diamond Cutting Works in South Africa. “I started my career in the diamond industry doing whatever I could to make myself indispensable. From bringing tea to customers to filing and later diamond analysis, dealing with clients and diamond sourcing for the company. I learned every element of the business.” His dedication paid off and after three years, Ruschin was promoted to junior fiscal partner.

Moving to Miami

Six months after his promotion, he was recruited by South Africa-based Geffen Diamond Cutting Works to expand their business in the U.S. The company sent him to it’s Miami office. “I worked with them for four years, they are wonderful people,” says Ruschin. “But I wanted to do something for myself, so in 2004 I went on my own. Two years later, I started Ruschin & Co Diamonds, selling diamonds from South Africa to stores and diamond dealers throughout the USA and China.”

Diamond and 18-karat white gold Serpenti Necklace, signed Bulgari

In 2010 Ruschin and his business partner formed Vivid Diamonds Inc. When it started, the company focused primarily on natural colored diamonds, white diamonds and selected jewelry items. Later they began creating jewelry in the U.S. and South Africa, supplying retailers and wholesalers throughout the world. While Ruschin’s expertise is in diamonds and recutting them to maximize beauty and value, he also has an eye for jewelry design. “I have an eye for beauty and my speciality is adjusting and altering regular designs to make them spectacular. I’ll change something to make it more comfortable, wearable and beautiful,” explains Ruschin, who took  gemology courses from GIA and the Jewelry Council of South Africa. “Sometimes one of our jewelers will tell me that what I want, can’t be done. I analyze the piece with them and show them how it is possible. In most cases, they agree with me in the end and the piece comes out the way I expected. Sometimes small modifications make all the difference.”

It is in fact their vast inventory and their ability to create beautiful jewelry that sets Vivid Diamonds apart from other businesses. “We care about our customers, whether they are retail stores, wholesale or end consumers, we focus on taking care of all of our customers,” comments Ruschin. We’re driven by customer care and every client is important to us.”

Falling for Art Deco

Diamond and platinum Art Deco bracelet

Although his focus has always been on diamonds and jewelry, Ruschin began exhibiting at the antique jewelry shows in 2011. He instantly fell in in love with the jewelry from the Art Deco period. “I was fascinated by the intricate designs, the care in craftsmanship, the unique diamond cuts and an understanding of the time that would have been spent to create these masterpieces,” says Ruschin. “I wanted to learn more, so I went through auction catalogs and looked at everything that I could find. I’m enthralled by the history and magic of that time period, when people got dressed up, wore jewelry confidently and went out to fancy parties.”

Being a diamond dealer has helped Ruschin when he evaluates antique and vintage jewelry because he can analyze the pieces on two levels. First he looks at the sum of the parts and then the beauty of a piece, with those two elements, he is able to asses a fair value.

“We have a large collection of jewelry from Art deco pieces, signed and not signed to a modern collection that we produce as well as pieces from some of the finest jewelry houses. We presently have a large selection of Bulgari jewelry including some of the most spectacular Bulgari Serpenti necklaces and bracelets. “Our goal is to showcase our own designs as well as a curated selection of pieces from the world’s finest jewelry houses.” 

Buying Advice

Diamond, emerald and platinum earrings by Vivid Diamonds.

Ruschin offers some pointers on what to look for when buying vintage jewelry. He notes that one of the most important factors is to be comfortable with the person who you are purchasing from. They should be honest, trustworthy and an expert in their field, explains Ruschin. “They should also have your best interests at heart”

He also advises examining the back of a piece of jewelry. “Often times, the back of the piece of jewelry tells you a vast amount about the quality and workmanship of the item,” concludes Ruschin.”

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First: Sapphire, diamond and 18-karat white gold earrings, by Vivid Diamonds; Second: Diamond and 18-karat white gold Serpenti Necklace, signed Bulgari; Third: Diamond and platinum Art Deco bracelet; Fourth: Diamond, emerald and platinum earrings by Vivid Diamonds.

Authored by Amber Michelle